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New HemaVision®-28Q [CE/IVD] by DNA Diagnostic DNA Diagnostic
the 4 hour in vitro diagnostic test for qualitative screening of 28 chromosome translocations and more than 145 breakpoints associated with chronic and acute leukemia. HemaVision®-28Q is intended for testing total RNA samples from human blood or bone marrow for presence of chromosomal translocations associated with leukemia. It is a qualitative, semi-automated test. HemaVision®-28Q detects RNA transcripts from fusion genes using a RT-qPCR procedure. Alternative splice variants are also detected
RNA and DNA extractionReagent-kits for RNA and DNA
extraction from blood, bone
marrow, buccal swabs and FPPE,
manual or automated, high
quality and concentrations
HemaVison<sup>®</sup>-28Q<br/>Screening of 28
chromosome translocations
associated with chronic and acute
leukemia. Multiplex RT-qPCR test
results just in 4 hours
HLA-typing NGS, SBT, SSPHLA-typing with unique
monoallelic Sanger-sequencing,
Long-range or target-NGS and
fast and reliable SSP method
Cross-matching ELISADonor-specific HLA
Crossmatching with solid-phase
based ELISA method separately
for anti-HLA Ab class I and II -
de facto XMatch, not virtual
FlowCytometry ReagentsReagents and kits for early and
minimally invasive diagnostic in
areas such as cancer, or infectious
and immune diseases
by flow cytometry